I've worked with dozens of Indie Authors in bringing their book to life with an audiobook version. I'm here to answer your questions!

Did you know that:

1) Audiobooks are one of the fastest-growing markets in the book industry

2) There are a variety of contracts that one can choose from to create the perfect fit for your budget (e.g. Hybrid, Royalty-Share Plus, Per Finished Hour, Deferred, etc) Contact me directly for additional information on each contract specifics.

Oftentimes authors like to get to know their narrators to see if they may be a good fit because the audiobook production process is such a special relationship. I wrote this analogy in 2020 to explain to authors what creating audiobooks is like for me as a narrator.





Audiobooks become a Narrator's baby, just as they are to the author! That's why it's important to choose the right narrator for your book.


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My goal is to make the production process as smooth as possible, in order to yield aproduct that authors can be proud of. Here are just a few testimonials from some authors I've worked with, but please--feel free to connect with
any author I've worked with for a review of my work. 

"I look at it as eating a meal:

-The author provides the recipe

-The narrator makes the food

-The listener eats the food."

            -andy garcia-ruse


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Rose Fresquez

Andy is such a talented narrator who brings characters to life. She delivered exactly what I needed. Quick and professional to work with. I plan on requesting that she narrates more of my books. 

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Katrina Marie

Andy was an absolute pleasure to work with. She recorded the audiobook quickly and kept me informed during the process. I would absolutely love to work with her again. Seriously, you were amazing from beginning to end.  Thank you so much for bringing my characters to life!

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Lisa Borne Graves

Andy was knowledgeable about the audio industry, easy to work with, and made a fantastic product. The emotion she put into her voice for the female point-of-view was perfect for my upper YA dystopian  romance, adding a little melodrama listeners would expect and desire, being creative with accents and inflections to differentiate characters...Andy will be my go-to.

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